EGF Receptor/erbB


Binding EGF leads to EGF receptor (EGFR) dimerization and autophosphorylation. In addition, EGFR is phosphorylated by members of the src kinase family at different tyrosine residues, e.g. pTyr 845 in the activation loop.
The receptor acquires its full kinase activity only upon autophosphorylation and phosphorylation at Tyr 845.

Monoclonal antibodies against:

EGFR, phospho-Thr 654
EGFR, phospho-Thr 669
EGFR, phospho-Tyr 845
EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1045
EGFR, phospho-Ser 1047
EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1068
EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1086
EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1148
EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1173
EGFR, dephospho-Tyr 1173
EGFR, aa 960-980
EGFR, aa 1140-1160
EGFR, C-Terminus
EGFR, N-Terminus
EGFR, extracellular domain

erbB2/Her2, phospho-Thr 686
erbB2/Her2, phospho-Tyr 1112
erbB2/Her2, phospho-Ser 1113
erbB2/Her2, phospho-Tyr 1248
erbB2/Her2, aa 1240-1260
erbB2/Her2, intracellular domain

erbB3/Her3, aa 1250-1270
erbB3/Her3, C-Terminus

erbB4/Her4, phospho-Tyr 1242
erbB4/Her4, aa 1230-1250

Also available:

Blocking Peptide phospho-EGFR, pTyr  845
Blocking Peptide phospho-EGFR, pTyr 1045
Blocking Peptide phospho-EGFR, pTyr 1068
Blocking Peptide phospho-EGFR, pTyr 1148
Blocking Peptide phospho-EGFR, pTyr 1173

Blocking Peptide phospho-erbB2, pTyr  877
Blocking Peptide phospho-erbB2, pTyr 1139
Blocking Peptide phospho-erbB2, pTyr 1248
Blocking Peptide phospho-erbB4, pTyr 1188

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