Custom Antibody Development

nanoTools Antikoerpertechnik offers specialized services for the development of antigens and mono- and polyclonal antibodies. We focus on providing individual solutions that are specifically tailored to optimally suit our customer´s needs. Because of our vast experience in protein chemistry and antibody design, we are particularly well-qualified for the development of antibodies directed to "difficult epitopes" such as highly conserved proteins, neo-epitopes, haptens and phosphorylated epitopes.

Monoclonal Antibody Development

nanoTools Antikoerpertechnik provides competent service for every aspect of the monoclonal antibody development cycle. Our success as a contract research and manufacturing organisation is founded on
  • confidential consultation with clients
  • detailed project analysis and feasibility evaluation
  • development of an optimal strategy
  • inhouse peptide design and synthesis
  • custom antigen-carrier conjugations for optimal immunogenicity
  • recombinant protein purification
  • design of suitable multi-assay screening systems to ensure required specificities and affinities
  • hybridoma generation, screening and subcloning
  • small and large scale antibody production
  • antibody purification and custom modifications
  • aseptic filling and lyophilization

In order to design an optimal strategy for your individual project, we need all available information about the antigen and exact specifications of the desired antibodies. On request we offer confidentiality agreements to make sure that your information will remain privileged.

At the development of a suitable screening system the following criteria can be met:
  • recognition of native and/or denatured antigen
  • suitability of the antibody for Western Blot, ELISA, IP, IC, etc.
  • pH resistance
  • sensitivity to metal ions
  • crossreactivity with related antigens
  • antibody pairs
NanoTools´ goal is to provide you with monoclonal antibodies that fulfil the needs of your assay. We are therefore not satisfied with providing antibodies simply recognizing the immunogen (e.g. peptide or hapten) but try to identify antibodies reacting with the authentic protein or hapten in the desired application. We are also open for any kind of interactive collaboration with our customers in the course of the project.

As a result of a monoclonal antibody development project, nanoTools provides up to 5 stable hybridoma cell lines. 2 subclones of each cell line are cryoconserved (6 vials, 2 individual freezing dates). For evaluation purposes, our customer receives 50 ml cell culture supernatant or defined antibody concentrates of each hybridoma. If larger quatities of purified monoclonal antibody is required, please refer to our Monoclonal Antibody Production Service.

How to Order

Please contact us by

Phone: +49 - (0)7641 - 455 670
Fax: +49 - (0)7641 - 455 671

Be prepared to provide detailed information on the antigen and the specifications of the desired antibodies. On the basis of your information we will be glad to provide you with a quotation that is meeting your individual needs.

You can also order our products online. Please have a look at our product catalog.