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monoclonal antibody to Amyloid betaA4 (1-42), C-Terminus

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0061-100FITC/bA4(42)-8G7 ICC 100 µg 332,00 €
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Order No.: 0061-100FITC/bA4(42)-8G7
Clone Name: 8G7
Specificity: C-Terminus of Amyloid bA4 (1-42), does not crossreact with Amyloid bA4 (1-40)
Isotype: IgG1
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: FITC
Positive Control: none
Applications: ICC
Price: 332 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: C-terminal peptide conjugated to KLH
Epitope: C-Terminus of Amyloid bA4 (1-42), does not crossreact with Amyloid bA4 (1-40)
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes ND ND ND
Synonyms: -

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0060-100BIOTIN/bA4(40)-5C3 5C3 Amyloid betaA4 (1-40), C-Terminus
0060-100FITC/bA4(40)-5C3 5C3 Amyloid betaA4 (1-40), C-Terminus
0062-100/bA4(40/42)-9F1 9F1 Amyloid betaA4 (40/42), C-Terminus
0062-100BIOTIN/bA4(40/42)-9F1 9F1 Amyloid betaA4 (40/42), C-Terminus
0062-100FITC/bA4(40/42)-9F1 9F1 Amyloid betaA4 (40/42), C-Terminus
0061-100/bA4(42)-8G7 8G7 Amyloid betaA4 (1-42), C-Terminus
0061-100BIOTIN/bA4(42)-8G7 8G7 Amyloid betaA4 (1-42), C-Terminus
0095-100/bA4(43)-6G12 6G12 Amyloid betaA4 (1-43), C-Terminus
0095-100FITC/bA4(43)-6G12 6G12 Amyloid bA4 (1-43), C-Terminus
0095-100BIOTIN/bA4(43)-6G12 6G12 Amyloid betaA4 (1-43), C-Terminus
0315-100/bA4N-1E8 1E8 Amyloid Beta A4 (N-Terminus)
0197-100/bA4N-11H3 11H3 Amyloid beta A4, N-Terminus
0064-100/bA4N-19H5 19H5 Amyloid betaA4, N-Terminus
0064-100BIOTIN/bA4N-19H5 19H5 Amyloid betaA4, N-Terminus
0084-100/bA4N-19H11 19H11 Amyloid betaA4, N-Terminus
0084-100BIOTIN/bA4N-19H11 19H11 Amyloid betaA4, N-Terminus

Further Information

bA4(42)-8G7 FITC-labelled