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monoclonal antibody to MAPK/erk, pT-E-pY

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0012-100/MAPK-12D4 ELISA, WB, IP, ICC, IHC 100 µg 332,00 €
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Order No.: 0012-100/MAPK-12D4
Clone Name: 12D4
Specificity: MAPK/erk, pT-E-pY
Isotype: IgG1
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: -
Positive Control: Cell lysate from pervanadate-treated HepG2 cells (#0812)
Applications: ELISA, WB, IP, ICC, IHC
Price: 332 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: phosphopeptide conjugated to KLH
Epitope: ...pT - E - pY...
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes yes yes yes
Synonyms: erk

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0011-100/MAPK2-6G11 6G11 MAPK2/erk2, C-Terminus
0012-100BIOTIN/MAPK-12D4 12D4 MAPK/erk, pT-E-pY
0012-100FITC/MAPK-12D4 12D4 MAPK/erk, pT-E-pY
0178-100/MAPK2-6H3 6H3 MAPK2/erk2, N-Terminus
0223-100/MAPK7/erk5-12F2 12F2 MAPK7/erk5
0011-100BIOTIN/MAPK2-6G11 6G11 MAPK2/erk2, C-Terminus
0239-100/MAPK2-12A4 12A4 MAPK2/erk2, internal sequence
0239-100BIOTIN/MAPK2-12A4 12A4 MAPK2/erk2 (internal sequence)
0178-100BIOTIN/MAPK2-6H3 6H3 MAPK2/erk2, N-Terminus
0150-100/MEK1/2-9G3 9G3 MEK1/2, activation loop
0174-100/MEK1/2-7E10 7E10 MEK1, phospho-Ser 218/222 and MEK2, phospho-Ser 222/226
0186-100/MEK1-10B1 10B1 MEK1, N-Terminus
0148-100/MEK2-8E8 8E8 MEK2, N-Terminus
0224-100/MKK5-14B5 14B5 MKK5, N-terminus
0166-100/MKK3-5F7 5F7 MKK3/MAP2K3, N-Terminus
0189-100/MKK7-10F7 10F7 MKK7, N-Terminus
0046-100/Mxi-2F2 2F2 Mxi2, N-Terminus
0220-100/SAPK1b/jnk3-4G6 4G6 SAPK1beta/jnk3, N-Terminus
0041-100/SAPK1/2-9H8 9H8 SAPK1/2 (phospho-Thr-Gly/Pro-phospho-Tyr)
0190-100/SAPK1a/jnk2-12C5 12C5 SAPK1alpha/jnk2, N-Terminus
0200-100/SAPK1g/jnk1-5D10 5D10 SAPK1gamma/jnk1, N-terminus
0190-100BIOTIN/SAPK1a/jnk2-12C5 12C5 SAPK1alpha/jnk2 , N-Terminus
0200-100BIOTIN/SAPK1g/jnk1-5D10 5D10 SAPK1gamma/jnk1, N-Terminus
0034-100/SAPK2a-13D5 13D5 SAPK2alpha/p38alpha
0035-100/SAPK2a-20B11 20B11 SAPK2alpha/p38alpha
0053-100/SAPK2d-5H7 5H7 SAPK2delta/p38delta, N-Terminus