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monoclonal antibody to EGFR, phospho-Ser 1047

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0107-100BIOTIN/EGFR-1H9 WB, ELISA, IP, ICC, Luminex 100 µg 385,00 €
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Order No.: 0107-100BIOTIN/EGFR-1H9
Clone Name: 1H9
Specificity: EGFR, phospho-Ser 1047
Isotype: IgG1
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: Biotin
Positive Control: Cell lysate from pervanadate-treated HepG2 cells (#0812)
Applications: WB, ELISA, IP, ICC, Luminex
Price: 385 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: phosphopeptide conjugated to KLH
Epitope: phosphoserine 1047; R Y S pS D S T
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes yes ND yes
Synonyms: -

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  Order No. Clone Name Specificity
0107-100/EGFR-1H9 1H9 EGFR, phospho-Ser 1047
0138-100/EGFR-3F2 3F2 EGFR, phospho-Thr 654
0138-100BIOTIN/EGFR-3F2 3F2 EGFR, phospho-Thr 654
0191-100/EGFR-5F10 5F10 EGFR, phospho-Thr 669
0191-100BIOTIN/EGFR-5F10 5F10 EGFR, phospho-Thr 669
0116-100/EGFR-12A3 12A3 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 845
0116-100BIOTIN/EGFR-12A3 12A3 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 845
0116-100FITC/EGFR-12A3 12A3 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 845
0136-100/EGFR-11C2 11C2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1045
0136-100BIOTIN/EGFR-11C2 11C2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1045
0187-100/EGFR-15A2 15A2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1068
0187-100BIOTIN/EGFR-15A2 15A2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1068
0188-100/EGFR-8B8 8B8 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1086
0219-100/EGFR-10G12 10G12 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1148
0188-100BIOTIN/EGFR-8B8 8B8 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1086
0008-100/EGFR-9H2 9H2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1173
0008-100BIOTIN/EGFR-9H2 9H2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1173
0008-100FITC/EGFR-9H2 9H2 EGFR, phospho-Tyr 1173
0009-100/EGFR-20G3 20G3 EGFR, dephospho-Tyr 1173
0009-100BIOTIN/EGFR-20G3 20G3 EGFR, dephospho-Tyr 1173
0007-100/EGFR-13G8 13G8 EGFR (C-Terminus)
0007-100BIOTIN/EGFR-13G8 13G8 EGFR, C-terminus
0168-100/EGFR-10F4 10F4 EGFR, cytoplasmic domain (aa1140-1160)
0168-100BIOTIN/EGFR-10F4 10F4 EGFR, cytoplasmic domain (aa1140-1160)
0199-100/EGFR-16F8 16F8 EGFR, cytoplasmic domain (aa 960-980)
0199-100BIOTIN/EGFR-16F8 16F8 EGFR, cytoplasmic domain (aa 960-980)
0201-100/EGFR-14C8 14C8 EGFR, N-terminus
0209-100/EGFR-20E12 20E12 EGFR, extracellular domain
0209-100BIOTIN/EGFR-20E12 20E12 EGFR, extracellular domain
0201-100BIOTIN/EGFR-14C8 14C8 EGFR, N-terminus
0192-100/erbB2-19D2 19D2 erbB2, aa 1240-1260
0192-100BIOTIN/erbB2-19D2 19D2 erbB2, aa 1240-1260
0222-100/erbB2-24B5 24B5 erbB2, intracellular domain (aa 860-880)
0139-100/erbB2-9E10 9E10 erbB2, phospho-Ser 1113
0182-100/erbB2-7F8 7F8 erbB2, phospho-Thr 686
0216-100/erbB2-19G5 19G5 erbB2, phospho-Tyr 1112
0216-100BIOTIN/erbB2-19G5 19G5 erbB2/Her2, phospho-Tyr 1112
0216-100FITC/erbB2-19G5 19G5 erbB2/Her2, phospho-Tyr 1112
0221-100/erbB2-6G7 6G7 erbB2/Her2, phospho-Tyr 1248
0237-100/erbB3-5A12 5A12 erbB3, intracellular domain
0141-100/erbB3-11A4 11A4 erbB3, C-terminus
0141-100BIOTIN/erbB3-11A4 11A4 erbB3/Her3, C-Terminus
0228-100/erbB4-6C5 6C5 erbB4, aa 1230-1250
0229-100/erbB4-4C6 4C6 erbB4, phospho-Tyr 1242
0139-100BIOTIN/erbB2-9E10 9E10 erbB2/Her2, phospho-Ser 1113
0253-100/erbB2-14C3 14C3 erbB2, phospho-Tyr 1139
0254-100/erbB2-12B9 12B9 erbB2, phospho-Tyr 877