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monoclonal antibody to aurora A/B, C-Terminus

Order No. Applications Size Price
0245-100/auroraA/B-5F11 WB 100 µg 332,00 €
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Order No.: 0245-100/auroraA/B-5F11
Clone Name: 5F11
Specificity: aurora A/B, C-Terminus
Isotype: IgG1
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: -
Positive Control: Cell lysate from untreated SW620 cells (#0961)
Applications: WB
Price: 332 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: peptide conjugated to hemocyanin
Epitope: C-terminus
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes ND ND ND
Synonyms: aurora A: Aurora-2; STK6; ARK1; Aurora/IPL-1 related kinase/aurora B: Aurora-1

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