Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development


Based on our long-standing experience in monoclonal antibody development and profound understanding of immunology and target molecule chemistry, we have developed a Technology Platform that results in large numbers of target specific antibodies with affinities in the low picomolar (pM) range. 

We have bred our own proprietory High Responder Mouse (HRM) strains which - in combination with our particle-based vaccine platform and respective immunization protocols - result in high antibody titers even to challenging or conserved target molecules.

Our comprehensive multi-assay screening platform enables us to identify antibodies that meet the selection criteria at early stages of antibody development, e.g.:

  • high, medium or low affinity binders
  • functional antibodies, e.g. antagonists or agonists
  • cell surface binders
  • internalizing antibodies
  • pH resistance
  • sensitivity to metal ions
  • antibody pairs
  • species crossreactivity
  • cross-reactivity with related antigens
  • specific epitope selection

Based on this proprietory technology, we develop antibody libraries that are composed of up to several hundreds of individual, high affinity mouse hybridomas that meet the customer's specifications and selection criteria.

In the last 20 years, we have been predominantly working for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry, and many of our custom projects have resulted in therapeutic antibodies that have already been approved as a therapeutic or are in different Phases of drug development.

How to Obtain a Quote

In order to provide a quotation, we need detailed information on the available immunogen and antigens and/or cell lines that can be used for screening. We also need to know the specifications of the desired antibodies to develop an appropriate strategy.

It is therefore mandatory to communicate directly by email and/or phone to discuss the project details prior to provision of a quote.


We keep your information confidential. Respective Non-Disclosure Agreements can be signed on request.

Please contact us by:

Email: info@nanotools.de
Phone: +49 - (0)7641 - 455 670
Fax: +49 - (0)7641 - 455 671

Be prepared to provide detailed information on the antigen and the specifications of the desired antibodies. On the basis of your information we will be glad to provide you with a quotation that is meeting your individual needs.