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monoclonal antibody to src, phospho-Tyr 416

Order No. Applications Size Price
0080-100/src-9A6 ELISA, WB, flow cytometry, ICC 100 µg 365.00  €
Order No.: 0080-100/src-9A6
Clone Name: 9A6
Specificity: src, phospho-Tyr 416
Isotype: IgG3
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: -
Positive Control: none
Applications: ELISA, WB, flow cytometry, ICC
Price: 365,00 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: Phosphopeptide conjugated to KLH
Epitope: phosphotyrosine 416; ... D - N - E - pY - T - A - R...
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes yes ND ND
Synonyms: -
src, phospho-Tyr 4160080-100/src-9A6src, phospho-Tyr 416

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