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monoclonal antibody to PKB/Akt, dephospho-Ser 473

Order No. Applications Size Price
0049-100/PKB-11A11 ELISA, WB, IHC 100 µg 307.00  €
Order No.: 0049-100/PKB-11A11
Clone Name: 11A11
Specificity: PKB/Akt, dephospho-Ser 473
Isotype: IgG1
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: -
Formulation: lyophilized from 1 ml 2 x PBS / 0.09 % Na-azide / PEG and Sucrose
Positive Control: Cell lysate from untreated HepG2 cells (#0811)
Applications: ELISA, WB, IHC
Price: 307,00 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: peptide conjugated to KLH
Epitope: C-terminus
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes yes yes yes
Synonyms: Akt
PKB/Akt, dephospho-Ser 4730049-100/PKB-11A11PKB/Akt, dephospho-Ser 473

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