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monoclonal antibody to Beclin

Order No. Applications Size Price
0240-100/Beclin-12B4 WB 100 µg 365.00  €
Order No.: 0240-100/Beclin-12B4
Clone Name: 12B4
Specificity: Beclin
Isotype: IgG1
Size: 100 µg
Modifications: none
Formulation: liquid in PBS/0.09% Na-Azide/PEG and Sucrose/50% Glycerol (1 ml, c = 100 μg/ml)
Positive Control: Cell lysate from untreated Neuro 2A (#0911)
Applications: WB
Price: 365,00 €
Host: Mouse
Immunogen: synthetic peptide conjugated to hemocyanin
Epitope: synthetic peptide derived from Beclin sequence
Species Reactivity:
Human Mouse Rat Dog
yes yes yes yes

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Order No. Clone Name Specificity
0231-100/LC3-5F10 5F10 LC3-I (18kDa); LC3-II (16kDa)
0231-100BIOTIN/LC-3-5F10 5F10 LC3-I (18kDa); LC3-II (16kDa)
0260-100/LC3-2G6 2G6 LC3-I (18kDa); LC3-II (16kDa)
0060-100/bA4(40)-5C3 5C3 Amyloid bA4 (1-40) (C-Terminus)
0061-100/bA4(42)-8G7 8G7 Amyloid bA4 (1-42) (C-Terminus)
0062-100/bA4(40/42)-9F1 9F1 Amyloid bA4(40/42) (C-Terminus)
0095-100/bA4(43)-6G12 6G12 Amyloid bA4 (1-43) (C-Terminus)
0064-100/bA4N-19H5 19H5 Amyloid bA4 (N-Terminus)
0084-100/bA4N-19H11 19H11 Amyloid bA4 (N-Terminus)
0197-100/bA4N-11H3 11H3 Amyloid bA4 (free N-Terminus)
0049-100/PKB-11A11 11A11 PKB/Akt (dephospho-Ser 473)
0108-100/PKB-11E6 11E6 PKB/Akt (phospho-Ser 473)
0119-100/PKB-5C10 5C10 PKB/Akt (C-Terminus)
0144-100/PKBa-5G12 5G12 PKBa/Akt1 (generic)
0179-100/PKBb-8B7 8B7 PKBb/Akt2 (generic)
0046-100/Mxi2-2F2 2F2 Mxi2 (N-Terminus)
0190-100/SAPK1a-12C5 12C5 SAPK1alpha/jnk2 (N-Terminus)
0200-100/SAPK1g-5D10 5D10 SAPK1g/jnk1 (N-Terminus)
0041-100/SAPK1/2-9H8 9H8 SAPK1/2 (pT-P-pY; pT-G-pY)
0034-100/SAPK2a-13D5 13D5 SAPK2a/p38a
0035-100/SAPK2a-20B11 20B11 SAPK2a/p38a (does not bind to Mxi2)
0053-100/SAPK2d-5H7 5H7 SAPK2d/p38d